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AbsoluteThai Restaurant
Sawatdee (Hello!) and please make yourself comfortable in our cozy little restaurant. Our staff and kitchen are here to please, an we cannot wait to serve you up dining experience that you are sure to not forget soon.
Pamper yourself at Absolute Thai, where any hankering for hot and heavenly Asian cuisine can be fulfilled with authentic spice and succulence. Whether you are in the mood for something sharp and scrumptious, rich and lush, or even a zesty, exotic snack for the peckish – we have it all.
Since our entry into the market in June 2009, We have never compromised flavor for price, Fresh and healthful curries, paired with bubbly, Thai vegetables, elegant dishes, paired with affordability. An indulgence without guilt!
Here at Absolute Thai, we take care not only in the freshness and healthiness of our dishes but also in authenticity, From chinese broccoli to chives in your Pad Thai, and many more gems that you will not find elsewhere, we always deliver what we promise.
Come find us at China Town, where freshly, prepared meals are served under a truly oriental ambiance, Step through our door – not just into another restaurant – but into Thailand.

Image: Crispy Duck

Crispy Duck

Image: Duck and Lychee

Duck and Lychee

Image: Choo Chee

Choo Chee

Image: Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken

Image: Crispy Flounder

Crispy Flounder

Image: Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice

Image: Gai Pou Kao Fai

Gai Pou Kao Fai

Image: Roti


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